Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
2730 Ellsmere Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23513

P. O. Box 10247
Norfolk, Virginia 23513

Office Phone: 757-951-2055
Administration Fax: 757-951-2076

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MEAC Staff Directory
Name Title Extension Email
Dr. Dennis E. Thomas Commissioner


 Sonja O. Stills Senior Associate Commissioner for Administration & Compliance/SWA  2055 stillss@themeac.com 
Raynoid  A. Dedeaux Assistant Commissioner for Championships 2055 dedeauxr@themeac.com
Patricia L. Porter Assistant Commissioner for Media Relations (Corporate Partnerships) 2055 porterp@themeac.com
Michael Brown  Business Manager 2055 finance@themeac.com
TBA Director of Marketing  2055  
Cesley Tafoya
Director of Multimedia  2055


Brian Howard Assistant Director of Media Relations 2055 brian.howard@themeac.com
Kentrell Kearney Assistant Director of Compliance/Championships 2055 kearneyk@themeac.com
Jane Vega Administrative Assistant   2055 jvega@themeac.com
John Porter  Coordinator of Baseball Umpires  2055  umpporter@aol.com
Carl Blair Coordinator of Softball Umpires 2055


Larry Rose Coordinator of Basketball Officials (Men) 2055 rosel@themeac.com
Dwight Barbee Coordinator of Basketball Officials (Women) 2055 barbeed@themeac.com
Tom Symonette
Coordinator of Football Officials 2055