Courtesy: MEAC Media Relations
          Release: 05/16/2011
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Courtesy: MEAC Media Relations

NORFOLK, Va., May 16, 2011 - The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) announces the 2011 Commissioner's All-Academic Team, recognizing 761 student-athletes from the conference's 13 member institutions who achieved academic success during the 2010-11 academic school year.  The team honors student-athletes, including sophomores to seniors, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

"I am elated to recognize 761 student-athletes who have maintained a 3.0 or better grade point average during the 2010-11 academic school year," said Commissioner Dennis E. Thomas.  "I would also like to take this moment to celebrate the athletic academic support staff and personnel, coaches, institutions, and parents for their contributions to the success of these student-athletes."

Listed below are the 2011 Commissioner's All-Academic Award Winners (by institutions): 


Women (26):  Analisa Austin (WTK, Business Administration), Shakira Garner (WTK, Political Science), LaShondra Wilbon (WTK, Criminal Justice), Jasmine Daniels (WBB, History), Parress Davis (WBB, Physical Education/Recreation), Jamine Elum (WBB, Sociology), Demetria Frank (WBB, Physical Education/Recreation), Maxine Garner (WGO, Political Science), Brittani Austin (WSB, Mass Communications), Simone Cesar (WSB, Business Administration /Marketing), Sabrina Ferguson (WSB, Psychology), Allison Garcia (WSB, Criminal Justice), JoAnna Hernandez (WSB, Psychology), Brianna Leverett (WSB, Nursing), Elizabeth Parish (WSB, Elementary Education), Stacey Lopez (WTE, Biology), Andrea Paez (WTE, Hospitality Management), Shereen Peterson-Paul (WTE, Business Administration), Katarina Szaboova (WTE, International Business), Krysta Gardner (WVB, Undecided), Ebony Mitchell (WVB, Mass Communications), Linda Nwabuko (WVB, Biology), Shanicka Reddick (WVB, Elementary Education), Frances Rodriguez (WVB, Mathematics), Shaylyn Smith (CHR, Business), Lericia Harris (CHR, Mass Communications)...Men (33):  Richard Carter (MTR, Computer Science), Devon Creary (MTR, Biology), Willie Cyrus (MTR, Exceptional Student Education), Martin Embry (MTR, Physical Education/Recreation), Joshua Perkins (MTR, Sociology), Androse Bell (MFB, Hospitality Mangement), Stephen Berthelot (MFB, Mass Communications), Kory Kowalski (MFB, Physical Education/Recreation), Jean Fanor (MFB, Psychology), Brandon Gould (MFB, Physical Education/Recreation), Nesly Marcellon (MFB, Business Administration), Christopher Perry (MFB, Criminal Justice), Joseph White (MFB, Biology), Jairo Acevedo (MBA, Psychology), Christopher Anselmo (MBA, Sociology), Emmanuel Castro (MBA, Physical Education/Recreation), Jordan Dailey (MBA, Criminal Justice), Carlos Delgado (MBA, Psychology), Diego Delgado (MBA, Business Administration), Ryan Durrence (MBA, Business Administration/Marketing), Patrick Goelz (MBA, Criminal Justice), Joseph Munoz (MBA, Hospitality Management), Alejandro Sanchez (MBA, Business Administration), Ali Simpson (MBA, Biology), Brandon Turner (MBA, Criminal Justice), Matthew Wright (MBA, Business Administration), Albert Abrahams (MBB, Criminal Justice), Vitor Belucci (MTE, International Business), Kip Jackson (MTE, Criminal Justice), Kristofer Martin (MTE, Business Administration/Management Information Systems), Marc Miscanovic (MTE, International Business), Emil Vassilev (MTE, Hospitality Management), Quintin Terrell (CHR, Physical Education/Recreation)


Women (14):  Jade Dudley (WSB, Sports Management), Charma Robinson (WSB, Sports Management), Tiffani Whaley (WSB, Computer Science), Patrice Williams (WSB, Biology), Amber Miller (WSB, Criminal Justice), Lauretta Mukam (WTE, Biology), Sharise Coppin (WTE, Nursing), Jaleah Holsey (WBB, Management Science), Samantha Leigh (WTK, Sports Management), Alexis Easterling (WTK, Sports Management), Brittany Giles (WTK, Sports Management), Christina Epps (WVB, Applied Psychology), Stephanie Johnson (WVB, Sports Management), Tyler Phillips (WVB, Sports Management)...Men (13): Dale Dunn (MTR, Management Science), Jerome Black (MTR, Sports Management), Quincy Darko (MTE, Management Science), James Jeffreys (MTE, Sports Management), Jahra Wigfall (MTE, Management Science), Alex Black (MBA, Criminal Justice), Andrew Kiessling (MBA, Criminal Justice), Derek Richards (MBA, Criminal Justice), John Bergwall (MBA, Criminal Justice), James Vagnier (MBA, Sports Management), William Butler (MBA, Sports Management), Ceslovas Kucinskas (MBB, Interdisciplinary Studies),Vince Goldsberry (MBB, Sports Management)


Women (85):  Ashley Blake (WTK, Psychology), Capri Jones (WTK, Accounting), Ayanna Kelly (WTK, Mass Communications), Victoria McGroary (WTK, Political Science), Shaquana Neils (WTK, Sport Sciences), Kara Rice (WTK, Psychology), Mariah Wilson (WTK, Biology), Shelby Bonneville (WEQ, Equine Business), Ashley Butler (WEQ, Management), Brittni Collins (WEQ, Agriculture), Reily Finnelly (WEQ, Management), Caroline Foltz (WEQ, Agriculture), Amanda Hotz (WEQ, Agriculture), Alicia Maynard (WEQ, Wildlife Management), Jennifer McInnis (WEQ, Political Science), Jennifer Pierson (WEQ, Agriculture), Diana Savosh (WEQ, Agriculture), Morgan Scuse (WEQ, Chemistry/Pre-Professional), Jessica Smith (WEQ, Agriculture), McKenzie Trueba (WEQ, Art), Kelly Cheng (WSO, Movement Sciences), Brittany Curtis (WSO, Chemistry), Brianna Dingman (WSO, Management), Michelle Giorgilli (WSO, Forensic Biology), Ashlee Gourdine (WSO, Biology), Courteney Haas (WSO, Sports Sciences), Leah Hontz (WSO, Education), Latoya Lesane (WSO, Physical Education), Jeanette Salgado (WSO, Movement Sciences), Theresa Wappett (WSO, Movement Sciences), Candace Wyre (WSO, Elementary Education), Casey Beighley (WSB, Mass Communications), Skye Boris (WSB, Physical Education), Amber Coburn (WSB, Psychology), Jessica Langley (WSB, Movement Sciences), Kelsey Lewis (WSB, Elementary Education), Janelle Lukens (WSB, Mass Communications), Leslie Pleasanton (WSB, Education), Tawny Reeger (WSB, Biology), Jordan Reid (WSB, Criminal Justice), Allison Rubin (WSB, History), Sherelle Sheppard (WSB, History), JoCarol Shields (WSB, Sports Sciences), Andrea Waters (WSB, MBA), Hannah Adewumi (WTE, Computer Science), Cristina Andrade-Pires (WTE, Finance & Banking), Kristen Lopez (WTE, Textiles & Apparel), Anna Ratnikova (WTE, Criminal Justice), Polina Razborova (WTE, Finance & Banking), Marina Sicic (WTE, Management), Sonja Banicevic (WVB, Finance & Banking), Sara Elliott (WVB, Art), Martina Ferrari (WVB, Political Science), Ashley Herman (WVB, Biology), Elisa Herrmann (WVB, Hospitality & Tourism Management), Princess Puckett (WVB, Movement Sciences), Erica Tajchman (WVB, Biology/Pre-Professional), Jasmine Cooper (CHR, Accounting), Corrine Gramby (CHR, Textiles & Apparels), Tynisha Hearne (CHR, Music Education), Tanai-Yea Hinson (CHR, Criminal Justice), Chelsea Jones (CHR, Early Childhood Education), Tailisha Miller (CHR, Textiles & Apparel), Mariah Minor (CHR, Psychology), Kira Robison (CHR, Biology), Bethany Stewart (CHR, History), Stephanie Brush (WBB, Psychology), Kiana D'Oliveira (WBB, Biology), Selena Galloway (WBB, Criminal Justice), Alexis Johnson (WBB, Criminal Justice), Samantha Koonce (WBB, Biology), Crystal Pitt (WBB, Social Work), Ashley Thompson (WBB, Physics), Jazmyne Hefflefinger (WBW, Movement Sciences), Adriana Jaime (WBW, Education), Tara McQueen (WBW, Computer Science), Brooke Peterson (WBW, Nursing), Angela Reynolds (WBW, Psychology), Samantha Scionti (WBW, Music Education), Courtney Varin (WBW, Biology), Kalyn Washburn (WBW, English), Calisa Emerson (WCC, Accounting), Tracey Fan Fan (WCC, Movement Sciences), Kendra Mayers (WCC, Movement Sciences), Brittany Roberson (WCC, Movement Sciences)...Men (37):  Joey Babuca (MBA, Physical Education), Peter Broehl (MBA, Movement Sciences), Scott Davis (MBA, Physical Education), Jordan Elliott (MBA, Sports Sciences), Elliott Gardner (MBA, Movement Sciences), Keith Hernandez (MBA, Criminal Justice), Derek Marshallsea (MBA, Sports Sciences), Kevin Noriega (MBA, Marketing), Jose Portela-Berrios (MBA, Biology), Michael Rizzuto (MBA, Management), Joe Rush (MBA, Sports Sciences), Ernest Adjei (MFB, Community Health), George Bansah (MFB, Accounting), BJ Conley (MFB, Psychology), Brandon Cunningham (MFB, Criminal Justice), Nick Elko (MFB, Management), Mike Gable (MFB, Biology), Ryan Langdon (MFB, Criminal Justice), Byron Lewis (MFB, Criminal Justice), Calvin Miner (MFB, Criminal Justice), Steven Steinbacher (MFB, Management), Travis Tarpley (MFB, Management), Greg Smith (MBB, Movement Sciences), Trevor Welcher (MBB, Sports Sciences), Kouri Falconer (MCC, Psychology), Ed Hurley (MCC, Movement Sciences), Alan Laws (MCC, Sports Sciences), David Bruce (MTR, Sports Sciences), Eric Smith (MTR, Criminal Justice), Chris Thompson (MTR, Criminal Justice), Brian Gelis (MTE, MBA), Chris Kano (MTE, Management), Roman Pitatelev (MTE, Accounting), Phillip Scott (MTE, Political Science), Milos Velickovic (MTE, Management), Harry Broomall (WRS, History), Brandon Gardner (WRS, Criminal Justice)


Women (21): Traterica Gainer (WSB, Criminal Justice), Britany Doty (WSB, Criminal Justice), Jennifer Lindsey (WSB, Physical Education), Ashanti Shepherd (WSB, Psychology), Taylor West (WSB, Biology), Keelyn Fleming (WTK, Health Science), Tiffiny Morrow (WTK, Health Science), Stephanie Colter (WTK, Psychology), Raven Robinson (WTK, Education), Jazmine Bingham (WBW, Criminal Justice), Kiana Cogdell (WBW, Spanish), Janell Dykes (WBW, Health Science), Ashley Melson (WBW, Criminal Justice), Samantha Mighty (WBW, Business), Danielle Anderson (WBB, Pre-Med), Jayme Warner (WBB, Journalism), Kathline Durden (WTE, Computer Info), Vanessa McCall (WTE, Pre-Med), Jessica Bond (WVB, Business), Susan Egoavil (WVB, Spanish), Alexandra Age (WSW, Pre-Med)...Men (17):  Adeyemi Oluwatobiloba (MBA, Psychology), Jackson Cannon (MBA, Undecided), Andre Dawson (MBA, Business), David Duncan (MBA, Physical Education), Cory Franklin (MBA, Criminal Justice), Jarryd Reid (MBA, Business), Issac Brown (MBB, Photography), Jamal Daniels (MBB, Health Science), Cody Sapp (MGO, Criminal Justice), Elijah Jackson (MGO, Pre-Med), Asafu-Adjaye Temuera (MTE, Health Science), Takura Happy (MTE, Business), Michael Moore (MTE, Political Science), Fabrice Myrtil (MTE, Undecided), Jeremy Latimore (MTE, Social Work), Maurice Wamukowa (MTE, Business), Akie Smythe (MTE, Food Science)


Women (39):  Mianna Armstrong (WVB, Biology), Ornela Cadavid (WVB, Marketing), Virginia Chell (WVB, Pharmacy), Lina Cordoba (WVB, Graphic Design), Lihi Elkayam (WVB, Psychology), Aaryn Harrison (WVB, Chemistry), Ivana Suput (WVB, Psychology), Tiffany Brents (WSB, Psychology), Travonna Byrd (WSB, MBA), Nina Ferguson (WSB, Public Relations), Tracy Lee (WSB, Nursing), Kelsei Saunders (WSB, Communicative Science & Disorders), Adrianna Scott (WSB, Architecture), Carla Trimble (WSB, Psychology), Tamara Vickers (WSB, Psychology), Rebecca Glazier (WBW, Criminal Justice), Ashley Hampton (WBW, Psychology), Brittani Reynolds (WBW, Management), Jazzminn Richey-Obey (WBW, Sociology), Keiara Avant (WBB, Management), Delia Brunson (WBB, Accounting), Jericka Jenkins (WBB, Criminal Justice), Melanie Warner (WBB, Management), Rachel Burrell (WTK, Kinesiology), Shaquanda Gainey (WTK, Physical Education), Kristal McGreggor (WTK, Marketing), Leah Richmond (WTK, Psychology), Racquel Vassell (WTK, Physical Education), Jocelyn Watkins (WTK, Psychology), Sydnee Mack (WGO, Public Relations), Jessi Mitchell (WGO, Broadcast Journalism), Dionne West (WGO, MBA), Nicole West (WGO, MBA), Tabita Daolio (WTE, Architecture), Jovanna Sangria (WTE, Public Relations), Nicole Clark (WSL, Political Science), Ramatoulie Sallah-Muhammed (WSL, Architecture), Anya Sippen (WSL, Broadcast Journalism), Courtney Thompson (WSL, Nursing)...Men (13):  Edson Alves (MTE, Management), Nelio Mattos (MTE, Management), Jung-Ho Oh (MTE, Recreation), Gellert Varga (MTE, Finance), Landon Collins (MFB, Biology), Darius Johnson (MFB, Electrical Engineering), Winston Kennedy (MFB, Psychology), Louis Preston (MFB, MBA), Daryell Walker (MFB, Psychology), Bakari Taylor (MBB, Recreation), Damon Dixon (MTK, Finance),  Ian Guagliardo (MSL, Flight Education), Lawrence Harley (MSL, MBA)


Women (64): Cheyenne Curley-Payne (WBB, Leisure Studies), Nicole Deterville (WBB, Chemistry), Portia Deterville (WBB, Biology), Amanda-Gay Edwards (WBB, Biology), Jerelle Gorham (WBB, Leisure Studies), Cabria Johnson (WBB, Leisure Studies), Jalisa Pullins (WBB, Radio/TV/Film), Kara Smith (WBB, Finance), Jordane Frazier (WBW, Journalism), Taneeka Hanna (WBW, Human Development) Jasmine Hardesty (WBW, Administration of Justice), Brianna Uzzell (WBW, Administration of Justice), Janae Baker (WLA, Political Science), Cheryse Cox (WLA, Psychology), Desiree Cox (WLA, Leisure Studies), Chasity Dailey (WLA, Administration of Justice), Ashley Foote (WLA, Communication and Culture), Ashley Lawrence (WLA, Human Performance), Imani McCleary (WLA, Administration of Justice), Amber Meeks (WLA, Communication and Culture), Imani Rodman (WLA, Public Relations), Chanel Bell (WSO, Sociology), Jordan Brown (WSO, Psychology), Rachael Lee (WSO, Accounting), Stephanie McLean (WSO, Finance), Brittany Peebles (WSO, Human Performance), Sydney Revelle (WSO, Mechanical Engineering), Cynthia Snyder (WSO, Communication and Culture), Maya Burchette (WSB, Psychology), Jessica Hurston (WSB, Radio/TV/Film), Emily Johnson (WSB, Architecture), Trina Kindred (WSB, Biology), Rebecca Kirshner (WSB, Human Performance), Lindsay Maclin (WSB, Pre-Physical Therapy), Candace Rogers (WSB, International Business), Lauren Anthony (WSW, Fashion Merchandising), E'Lan Brewer (WSW, Marketing), Summer Davis (WSW, Undecided), Ashley Goins (WSW, Sociology), Monique Major (WSW, Psychology), Anne Akhimiem (WTE, Human Nutrition), Michelle Brown (MTE, Biology), Amber Cuff (WTE, Fashion Merchandising), Ashley Moore (WTE, Public Relations), Brittney Morgan (WTE, Sport Medicine), Alyssa Works (WTE, Health Science), Dotranika Horton (WTK, Psychology), Norell Abernathy (WTK, Radio/TV/Film), Danielle Douglas (WTK, Health Education), Jami Hardy (WTK, Health Education), Ashley Hodges (WTK, Political Science), Krystal Jenkins (WTK, Spanish), Alexandria McKee (WTK, Political Science), Abigail Reid (WTK, Psychology), Rachel Sanni (WTK, Undecided), Brittany Stephens (WTK, Radio/TV/Film), Zahra Thomas (WTK, Marketing), Janelle Wallace (WTK, Marketing), Amelia Woodruff (WTK, Human Performance), Andrea Brown (WVB, Political Science), Olwatosin Elebute (WVB, Health Science), Jasmine King (WVB, Journalism), Monique McCoy (WVB, Human Development), Taylor Montgomery (WVB, Journalism)...Men (44):  Kyle Riley (MBB, Sport Management), Justin Boyd (MFB, Psychology), Malcom Crawford (MFB, Undecided), Jermell Ellis (MFB, Sport Management), Kelvin Goodman (MFB, Computer Engineering), Bryan Graham (MFB, Radiation Therapy), Patrick Jean-Mary (MFB, International Business), Chidiebere Kalu (MFB, Systems & Computer Science), Lanny Kelly (MFB, Sport Management),  Kurt Mangum, II (MFB, Legal Communications), Kyle McFadden (MFB, Undecided), Xavier Rucker (MFB, Administrative of Justice), Jordan Smallwood (MFB, Marketing), Vann Mathew (MFB, Sport Management), Jason Wooding (MFB, Pre-Physical Therapy), Anthony Whitlow (MFB, Advertising), Gary Clark (MSO, Mechanical Engineering), Jamil Devers (MSO, Pre-Physical Therapy), Mathew Marshall (MSO, Radio/TV/Film), Anye Ngalla (MSO, Finance), Andrew Powell (MSO, Mechanical Engineering), Patrick Rose (MSO, Information Systems & Analysis), Christopher Sutherland (MSO, Physical Education), Larry Turner (MSO, English), Adrian Walton (MSO, Economics), Kelvin Goodman (MSW, Computer Engineering), Zadok Isaac (MSW, Sport Medicine), Steven Lott (MSW, Physicians Assistant), Omar McKenzie (MSW, Biology), Justin Morrison (MSW, Philosophy), Damjan Strabac (MSW, Political Science), Christopher Brown (MTE, Television Production), Eric Chavous (MTE, International Business), Bogdan Dzakovic (MTE, Insurance), Tonique Merell (MTE, Systems and Computer Science), Devard Wharton (MTE, Civil Engineering), John Brown (MTK, Sport Medicine), Emmanuel Commodoe (MTK, Mechanical Engineering), Marcus Harrison (MTK, Information Systems), Michael Houston (MTK, Accounting), Mikael La Roche (MTK, Interior Design), Tory McAlister (MTK, Mechanical Engineering), Benjamin Rosa (MTK, Mathematics), Elijah Samuels (MTK, Mechanical Engineering)


Women (23): Kenesha Abrams (WTK, Biology), Jessica Abrantes (WTK, Criminal Justice), Cynthia Anais (WTK, Applied Design), Courtney Gray (WTK, Criminal Justice), Emilie Ducados (WTK, Business Administration), Zoe Bowens (WVB, English), Samantha Chukwura (WVB, Biology), Chang Li (WVB, Accounting), Brittany Coppock (WTE, Sociology/Social Work), Latoya Jones-Stewart (WTE, Hotel Restaurant Management), Anna Katenta (WTE, Biology), Shamara McKenzie (WTE, Criminal Justice), Shanice Crowder (WSB, Engineering), Tynetta Jackson (WSB, Human Ecology), Chelsea Myers (WSB, Exercise Science), Caitlyn Dillard (WBB, Criminal Justice), Cy'Anna Scott (WBB, Environmental Science), T'Nia Falbo (WBW, Accounting), Kristina Frahm (WBW, Accounting), Stacy Parsons (WBW, Business Administration), Martha Perez (WBW, Sociology), Anggie Ramirez (WBW, Computer Science), Maria Rodriguez Ospina (WBW, Business Administration)...Men (22): Harrison Agbore-Young (MTK, Biology), Charles Elmer (MTK, Aviation Science), Thomas Keane-Dawes (MTK, Business Administration/ Marketing), Amon Kiprotich (MTK, Mathematics), Shadrack Maritim (MTK, Biology), Basil Melek (MTK, Biology), Denvil Ruan (MTK, General Studies), Timothy Burns (MBB, Exercise Science), Reginald Hines (MBB, English), Lyvann Obame-Obame (MBB, Accounting), Mark Robertson (MBB, Accounting), Robert Tucker (MBB, Accounting), Bryan Chiakowsky (MBA, Exercise Science), Jacob Foreman (MBA, Exercise Science), Abraham Loyola-Gonzalez (MBA, General Studies), Brent Lewis (MBA, Special Education), James Newsome (MBA, Criminal Justice), Phillip Vaughn (MBA, Accounting), Nicholas Wiggins (MBA, Business Administration), Emmash Sudusinghe (MTE, Accounting), Osvaldo Rivera (MTE, Music Ed, Biology), Richard Warren (MTE, Exercise Science)


Women (22):   Aneesah Aziz (WTE, Psychology), Alexis McCoy (WTE, Psychology), Pola Olczak (WTE, Chemistry), Jaclyn Hall (WSB, Accounting), Sakina Smith (WSB, Medical Tech), Lydia Walther-Rodriquez (WSB, Finance), Delissa Carline (WVB, Electrical Engineer), Briana Coardes (WBB, Psychology), Moneshia Davis (WBB, Physical Education), Theresa Davis (WBB, Physical Education), Brittany Dodson (WBB, Telecommunications), DeKeishia Mathis (WBB, Biology), Brittany Noel (WBB, Finance), Danielle Gibson (CHR, Information Systems), Shaunee Harrison (CHR, Political Science), Tameka Lyons (CHR, Political Science), Tamera Lyons (CHR, Broadcast Journalism), Rashida Watson (CHR, Speech), Tyshia Oliver (WTK, Sociology), Britney Wattley (WTK, Business Administration), Candace Shirley (WTK, Biology), Lauren Campbell Teamer (WTK, Transportation Science & Systems)...Men (15): Lawrence Brewer (MFB, Business Administration), Jephte Cherenfant (MFB, Physical Education), Shaka Miller (MFB, Business Administration), Yusef Dosu (MFB, Business Administration), Donald Schuler (MFB, History), Donte Washington (MFB, Physical Education), Abraham Mercado (MFB, Telecommunications), Jude Obiarinze (MTK, Accounting), Wesley Redfearn (MTK, Electrical Engineering), Isaac Richardson (MTK, Industrial Engineering), Kalil Zaky (MTK, Business Administration), Carbinere Whyte (MTK, Accounting), Salifu Cham (MTK, Business Administration), Dmitry Chekhalatyy (MTE, Hospitality Management), Duwane Thomas (MTE, Electrical Engineering),


Women (25):  Chengetayi Tsapayi (WTE, Accounting), Naeemah Brooks (WTE Elementary Education), Jennifer Astbury (WTE, Physical Education), Genor Dalton (WBB, Computer Science), Recca Trice (WBB, Biology), Marian Brooks (WBB, Mass Communications), Omolayo Dada (WVB, Chemistry), Jasmine Frazier (WVB, Finance), Maatra Henderson (WVB, Biology), Chynna Blaker (WVB, Chemistry), Charlotte Armstead (WVB, Kinesiotherapy), Nicole Kessner (WVB, Kinesiotherapy), Danielle Wright (WSB, Sociology), Alyssa Velazquez (WSB, Business Management), Casey Pomeroy (WSB, Accounting), Dania Sanford (WTK, Physical Education), Teresa Nance (WTK, Undecided), Elaine Rhoades (WTK, Sociology), Tanisha Jenkins (WTK, Political Science), Alicea Teamer (WTK, Kinesiotherapy), Mercy Keoch (WTK, Nursing), Jessica Overton (WBW, Interdisciplinary Studies), Chelsea Krall (WBW, Undecided), Shelia-Marie Smith (WBW, Sociology), Antoinette Drakeford (WBW, Psychology)...Men (29): Kyle Davis (MBA Kinesiotherapy), John Rasberry (MBA, Marketing), Cameron Parsons (MBA, Accounting), Juan Herrera (MBA, Building Construction), Ryan Montgomery (MBA, Kinesiotherapy),  Raymond Morton (MBA, Sociology), Richard Salter (MBA, Psychology), Santo Serafine (MBA, Business Management), Ryan Shook (MBA, Kinesiotherapy), Philemon Kimutai (MTK, Accounting), Amos Kiposgei (MTK, Nursing), Sherrad Marrow (MTK, Sociology), Jonathan Griffin (MTK, Sociology), Kameron George (MTK, Electronics Engineering), Jonathan Ross (MTK, Business), Aleek Pauline (MBB, Mass Communications), Brandon Wheeless (MBB, Sociology), Ben Marks (MTE, Accounting), Dexter McDowell (MTE, Nursing), Anthony Taylor (MFB, Psychology), Hasan Craig (MFB, Electronics Technology), Calvin Roberts (MFB, Electronics Technology), Cameron Williams (MFB, Political Science), William Falakiseni (MFB, Interdisciplinary Studies), Ricardo Volcin (MFB, Sociology), Carnell Williams (MFB, Interdisciplinary Studies), Terrance Pugh (MFB, Computer Science), Alex Moody (MFB, Mass Communications), Ryan Hathaway (MFB, Electronics Technology)


Women (21):  Lillian Bullock (WBB, Finance), Amber Brown (WBW, Chemical Engineering), Sarah Taylor (WBW, Liberal Studies), April Terry (WBW, Journalism & Mass Communications), Lauren Clement (WSB, Undecided), Hope Fletcher (WSB, Family &Consumer Sciences), Jasmine Gurley (WSW, Journalism & Mass Communications), Keshia McDonald (WSW, Criminal Justice), Victorea Austin (WTE, Sociology), Chloe McSwain (WTE, Romance Language & Literature), Janessa Benn (WTK, Civil Engineering), Ariana Betts (WTK, Mechanical Engineering), Amanda Breeden (WTK, Mechanical Engineering), Shakia Forbes (WTK, Speech), Ruth-Cassandra Hunt (WTK, Criminal Justice), Kayla Jackson (WTK, Psychology), Samira Johnson (WTK, Mechanical Engineering), Krystin Lawson (WTK, Liberal Studies), Chantel Luedeke (WTK, Biology), Kristin Rush (WTK, Journalism & Mass Communications), Amber Inman (WVB, Sport Science & Fitness Management)...Men (16): Carvell Copeland (MBA, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Matthew Erskine (MBA, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Kelvin Freeman (MBA, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Andre McKoy (MBA, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Mark Nales (MBA, Criminal Justice), Esterlin Paulino (MBA, Liberal Studies), Michael Radford (MBA, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Reginald Washington (MBA, Industrial Engineering), Jared Williams (MBB, Computer Science), Marc Hill (MBB, Graphic Communication Systems), Julian Alford (MFB, Electrical Engineering), Marque Sutton (MFB, Criminal Justice), Jamal Wardlaw (MFB, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Danzeto Cephas (MTK, Management), Johnathan Hancock (MTK, Adult Education), Patrick Mills (MTK, Animal Science) 


Women (27):  Belinda Biney-Bechncke (WVB, MBA), Alexia Johns (WVB, Criminal Justice), Tocarra Jones (WVB, Criminal Justice), Tasha Gaye Richards (WVB, Math), Maritsann Sinclair (WVB, Accounting), Ashley Alston (WTK, Criminal Justice), Tierra Blue (WTK, Criminal Justice), Kimberly Derrickson (WTK, Math), Taisha Parkins (WTK, Psychology), Paig Robinson (WTK, Sociology), Dreanna Wallace (WTK, Physical Education), Jasmine Wanamaker (WTK, English), Chavaria Williams (WTR, Mass Communications), Shanise Blanks (WBB, Psychology), Blaire Houston (WBB, Business), Sheresa Mills (WBB, Biology), Kelly Chapparo (WTE, Recreation), Cameron Chatman (WTE, Criminal Justice), Oleysa Palko (WTE, Pharmaceutical Science), Ashley Rogers (WTE, Education), Tatiana Velasquez (WTE, Biology), Aurora Baker (WSB, Biology), Whitney Boykin (WSB, Physical Education), Kayla McPeek (WSB, Business), Shelisha Ejimakor (WBW, Business), LaVerne Jones (WBW, Pharmaceutical Science), Krystal Richardson (WBW, Education)...Men (33): James Barksdale (MFB, Criminal Justice), Mark Blakeney (MFB, Criminal Justice), Justin Campbell (MFB, English), Matt Cornelius (MFB, Criminal Justice), Joseph Figueroa (MFB, Physical Education), Brian Hasselberger (MFB, Biology), DeMarcus Hill (MFB, Computer Information Systems), Joseph Hutchinson (MFB, Business), Earl Pridgen (MFB, Computer Information Systems), Fred Ominde (MFB, Physical Education), Brandon Outlaw (MFB, Business), Salbert Salang (MFB, Physical Education), Teryl White (MFB, Business), Keon Williams (MFB, Computer Information Systems), Daran Gill (MTK, Computer Information Systems), Tramar Beaman (MBB, Physical Education), Paul Taylor (MBB, Psychology), Connell Wilkerson (MBB, Sociology), Alejandro Espitia (MTE, Political Science), Christopher Mack (MTE, Health), Jack Waissan (MTE, Political Science), Braden Cox (MGO, Criminal Justice), Kempton Mandeville (MGO, Art), Gavin Thompson (MGO, Accounting), Etienne Farquharson (MBA, Business), Glenn Frye (MBA, Computer Information Systems), Robert Grant (MBA, Physical Education), Donald Murray (MBA, Recreation), Brandon Oatis (MBA, Business), Derell Parker (MBA, Hospitality & Tourism), Ross Plummer (MBA, Business), Drew Robinson (MBA, History), Timothy Rennard (MBA, Recreation)


Women (18):  Ameretta Gaskin (CHR, Behavior Analysis), Amanda Nicholson (CHR, Behavior Analysis), Erika Wheatley (CHR, Social Work), Kamaria Womack (CHR, Political Science), Denisa Vanca (CHR/WTE, Electronics Engineering Technology), Madison Hedderly (WSB, BBA Marketing), Nicole Lowery (WSB, Mass Communications), Chelsea Parrish (WSB, Biology), Shannon Reno (WSB, Mass Communications), Cassie Standard (WSB, English Language & Literature), Jessica Weimerskirk (WSB, BBS Accounting), Wansley Harrison (WTK, Social Work), Ashley Johnson (WTK, Sociology), Amara Jones (WTK, Marine Science), Ashlee Butler (WVB, Criminal Justice), Bianca Helton (WVB, Criminal Justice), Chikia "Catrina" Jones (WVB, Social Work), Jennifer Lowe (WVB, BBS Accounting)...Men (39):  John (Chris) Arnold (MBA, Political Science), Darien Campbell (MBA, Chemistry), Julius Green (MBA, BBA Management), Kevin Herlihy (MBA, English Language & Literature), Garry Dexter Kelley (MBA, BBA Management), Jackson May (MBA, Undecided), Joseph McCrary III (MBA, BBS Accounting), Courtrevez McTier (MBA, Criminal Justice), Eric L. Ransom (MBA, Marine Science), Jason Wynn (MBA, Criminal Justice), James Briscoe (MFB, Marine Science), Cedric Brown (MFB, English Language & Literature), Cedric Chambers (MFB, BBA Management), Nathaniel Clay (MFB, Criminal Justice), William Edwards (MFB, Mathematics), Daniel Heslop (MFB, Mathematics), Darren Hunter (MFB, Computer Science Technology), Thelmore Jackson (MFB, Criminal Justice), Dan Johnson (MFB, Mass Communications), Michael Kuku (MFB, Mass Communications), Xavier Lewis (MFB, Computer Science Technology), LaDarien Redfield (MFB, Behavior Analysis), Channing Welch (MFB, Mass Communications), Alex Wierzbicki (MFB, BBA Management), Derek Williams (MFB, BBA Management), John Wilson (MFB, BBA Management), Joshua Montgomery (MBB, Undecided), Jovonni Shuler (MBB, Mass Communications), Clifford Bragg (MGO, BBA Management), Craig Jarrell (MGO, English Language & Literature), Cedomir Llic (MGO, BBA Management), Peter Teifer (MGO, English Language & Literature), Anthony Jarvis (MTK, Mathematics), Shannon Quentre (MTK, Biology), Shawn Souvenir (MTK, Sociology), Etchien Roland Assinzo (MTK/MCC, Computer Engineering Technology ), Rueben Isreal-McBee (MTK/MCC, Chemistry), Tyrone McCoy (MTK/MCC, Mass Communications), Gabriel Davis (MTK/MCC, Electronics for Technology)


Women (51):  Mary Regina Baker (WBB, Computer Science), Sunikia Bullen (WBB, Family & Consumer Science), Tracey Flowers (WBB, Family & Consumer Sciences), Trinese Fox (WBB, P.E. Activity Management), Whitney Wiley (WBB, Early Childhood Education), Sirrena Favors (WBW, Civil Engineering Technology), Autumn Glencamp (WBW, Biology), Mariah Hebbe (WBW, Criminal Justice), Patrecia Daniley (WCC, Criminal Justice), Gabrielle Dillard (WCC, Sport Communication), Brandi Jefferson (WCC, Professional Chemistry), Andranette Moss (WCC, Psychology), Oprah Odugbela (WCC, Nursing), Shamire Rothmiller, (WCC, Management), Allison Brown (WGO, Psychology), Geneva Mackey (WGO, Biology), Veronica Aguilar (WSO, Nursing), Brooke Ehinger (WSO, Psychology), Sara Harris (WSO, Nursing), Mariah Hebbe (WSO, Criminal Justice), Leslie Martin (WSO, P.E. Activity Management), Alejandra Chirino (WSO, Biology), Danielle Murphy (WSO, Political Science-Pre Law), Bahja Peeples (WSO, Criminal Justice), Cassandra Rodriguez (WSO, Biology), Morgan Roesler (WSO, Accounting), Stephanie Searle (WSO, Biology), Nyesha Simmons (WSO, Psychology), Darci Smith (WSO, Marketing), Marina Terry (WSO, Nuclear Engineering), Shannon Baity (WSB, Psychology), Denitia Carter (WSB, P.E. Activity Management), Chelsea Evans (WSB, Civil Engineering Technology), Laura Bosneag (WTE, Accounting), I-Chun Chen (WTE, Communications Broadcasting), Maria Craciun (WTE, Management), Fanni Friscka (WTE, Marketing), Suhaila Jad (WTE, Family & Consumer Science/Business), Sabrina Mendez (WTE, Family & Consumer Science/Business), Daria Sekerina (WTE, Accounting), Sarai Torres-Asu (WTE, Management), Bria Brimmer (WVB, Accounting), Peri Ligons (WVB, Biology), Shabree Roberson (WVB, Biology), Brendell Studnicka (WVB, Sociology), Nia Brown (CHR, Business Marketing), Latoya Brunson (CHR, Business Management), Lakeshia Clawson (CHR, Criminal Justice & Spanish), Gabrielle Dillard (CHR, Sports Communication), Kaira Marshall (CHR, Professional English), Brittany G. Wright (CHR, Math Education)...Men (14):  Darnell Porter (MBB, Management), Dashan Axson (MCC, English), Graylyn Jefferson (MCC, Nursing), Charles Kurgatt (MCC, Physics), Christopher Lovett (MCC, Computer Science), Ashton Farmer (MFB, Criminal Justice), Clyde Johnson (MFB, Elementary Education), Gerald Malloy (MFB, Political Science), Samuel Timothy (MFB, Family & Consumer Science), Gabriel Fernandez Meana (MTE, Industrial Engineering Technology), David Grund (MTE, Management), Dmytro Kovalevych (MTE, Family & Consumer Science), Radek Langer (MTE, Management), Peteris Vinogradov (MTE, Management)


MCC - Men's Cross Country
WCC - Women's Cross Country
MBB - Men's Basketball
WBB - Women's Basketball
WGO - Women's Golf
MGO - Men's Golf
WSO - Women's Swimming
WVB - Women's Volleyball
MFB - Football
CHR - Cheerleader
WSB - Women's Softball
MBA - Men's Baseball
WBW - Women's Bowling
WTK - Women's Tennis
MTK - Men's Tennis
MTR - Men's Track and Field
WTR - Women's Track and Field



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Week 4 - 2017 - Jerry Mack - NCCU
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Week 4 - 2017 - Rod Broadway - NCAT
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Week 4 - 2017 - Erik Raeburn - Savannah State