MEAC Announces 2013 Commissionerís All-Academic Team

Courtesy: MEAC Media Relations
          Release: 06/28/2013
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Courtesy: MEAC Media Relations

NORFOLK, Va. - The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) announces the 2013 Commissioner’s All-Academic Team, recognizing 882 student-athletes from the conference’s 13 member institutions who achieved academic success during the 2012-13 academic school year.  The team honors student-athletes, including sophomores to seniors, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

“I am excited to highlight the 882 student-athletes who maintained a 3.0 or better grade point average during the 2012-13 academic school year,” said Commissioner Dennis E. Thomas.  “I would like to commend the administrators, athletic academic support staff and personnel, coaches, institutions, and parents for their contributions to the academic success of these student-athletes.”

Listed below are the 2013 Commissioner’s All-Academic Award Winners (by institutions):


Women (33):  Crystiana Butler (WBW, Physical Education), Stacie Hilliard (WBW, Nursing),

Shakeyia Colyer (WBB, Criminal Justice), Kayla Crawford (WBB, International Business),

Marquita Devane (WBB, Undecided), Sharnease Neal (WBB, Criminal Justice) Chasity Taylor (WBB, Biology), Simone Ceasar (WSB, Sociology), Breanna Chavez (WSB, Criminal Justice), Shamaria Engram (WSB, Computer Engineering), Samantha Gale (WSB, Pre-Nursing), Joanna Hernandez (WSB, Psychology), Kelsey Rodney (WSB, Criminal Justice), Calesha Shelley (WSB Biology), Chinatsu  Kajiwara (WTE, Business Administration), Shereen Peterson (WTE, Business Administration), Laura Rodriguez (WTE, Mass Communications), Morgan Brown (WTK, Criminal Justice),  Kadian Dunkley (WTK, Criminal Justice), Juliette Hyppolite (WTK, Pre-Nursing), Deidra Jordan (WTK, Biology), Cenita Sanders (WTK, Criminal Justice),  Keyona Thomas (WTK, Business Administration),  Shantell  Towsend (WTK, Biology), Vanessa Adarme (WGO, Integrated Environment Sicence), Marie Bergelin (WGO, Integrated Environment Sicence), Jennifer Hide (WGO, Business Administration), Andrea Orozco (WGO, Biology), Patrizia Trevisan (WGO, International Business), Aubrianna Curtis (WVB, Psychology), Krysta Gardner (WVB, Psychology), Jennifer Jimenez (WVB, Comp Engin), Delicia Pierre (WVB, Physical Education),…Men(41): Jairo Acevedo (MBA, Psychology), Paul Biocic (MBA, Physical Education),  Jordan Dailey (MBA, Criminal Justice),  Montana Durapau (MBA, Undecided), Scott Garner (MBA, Criminal Justice), Gabriel Hernandez (MBA, Physical Education/Recreation), Joshua Johnson (MBA, Business Administration),  David Lee (MBA, Criminal Justice), Martinez Lenny (MBA, Criminal Justice), Pizarro Juan (MBA, Hospitality Management), Simpson Ali (MBA, Biology), Turner Brandon (MBA,  Criminal Justice), Welch Jake (MBA, Business Administration), Elliot Travis (MBB, Sociology), Johnson Richard (MBB, Accounting), Simmons Troy (MBB, Undecided), Brown Rashard (MFB, English), Bruton Brian(MFB,  Criminal Justice), Ferris Andrew (MFB, Business Administration), Gordon Jhomo (MFB, Computer Engineering), Kory Kowalski (MFB, Physical Education/Recreation), Marcellon Nelsy (MFB, Business Administration), McCray-Nibbs Arden (MFB, Speech Communication), Montgomery Dwayne (MFB, Physical Education/Recreation), Toney Tevin (MFB, Criminal Justice), Day Seve (MTE, Business Administration), Jackson Kip (MTE, Criminal Justice), Misanovic Marc (MTE, International Business), Pronath Moritz (MTE, Pyschology), Rotich Gilbert (MTE, Computer Engineering), Cabrera Angelo (MTK, Criminal Justice), Davis Nnamdi (MTK, Business Administration), Embry Martin (MTK, Physical Education/Recreation), Phillip Jaquell (MTK, Music Technology), Thompkins Marquis (MTK, Music Technology), Washington Darnell (MTK,  Physical Education/Recreation), Clapp Alexander (MGO, Physical Education/Recreation), McKnight Matthew (MGO, Business Administration), Parrish Jerrell (MGO, Hospitality Management), Petrich Emmanual (MGO, Criminal Justice)


Women (24): Shanice Maynard (WBB, Sports Management), Omaah Tayong (WBB, Mathematics), Sandra Bonga (WTK, Management), Amanda Boykins (WTK, Applied Psychology), Nerfetiti Brown (WTK, Nursing), Shena Brownell (WTK, Criminal Justice), Melissa Caddle (WTK, Interdisciplinary Studies), Irene Cherubet (WTK, Interdisciplinary Studies), Javonna Dickerson (WTK, Chemistry), Alexis Easterling (WTK, Sports Management), Chistina Epps (WTK, Sports Management), Ronecia Nash (WTK, Interdisciplinary Studies), Brittnany Wagner (WTK, Sports Management), Jennifer Mitchell (WTE, Management), Lauretta Mukam (WTE, Chemistry), Loren Johnston (WBW, Biology), Erica Washington (WBW, Management), Karyn Boggs (WSB, Mathmatics), Samantha Denlinger (WSB, Pre-Nursing), Bianca Chatman (WVB, Criminal Justice), Torie Livingston (WVB, Biology), Nicole Malave (WVB, Marketing), Gabrielle Otero (WVB, Education), Ariel Richard (WVB, Management), …Men(26): Andre Armstrong (MBB, Criminal Justice), Taariq Cephas (MBB, Criminal Justice), Michael Murray (MBB, Sports Management), Brandon St. Louis (MBB, Accounting), Blake Anderson (MTK, Sports Management), Shane Green (MTK, Management), Imhotep Simba (MTK, Global Studies), Michael McCoy (MTK, Entertainment Management), Andre Thomas (MTK, Political Science), Robert Arrington (MTK, Sports Management), Brandon Baskerville (MTK, Computer Science), Oleksiy Krylchuk (MTE, Chemistry), Daniel Nino (MTE, Interdisciplinary Studies), Roderick Peyton (MTE, Accounting), Tre’vonne Peyton (MTE, Computer Science) Reginald Robinson (MTE, Accounting), Patrick Thomas (MTE, Pre-Nursing), Ian Arciaga (MBA, Criminal Justice), William Brown (MBA, Sports Management), David Hamlett (MBA, Computer Science), Zachery Hawk (MBA, Criminal Justice), Darryl Martinez (MBA, Computer Science), Yahya Muhammad (MBA, Sports Management), Nathan Pitts (MBA, Criminal Justice), John Walls (MBA, Accounting), Michael Wright (MBA, Sports Management)


Women (58): Ashely Davis (WBB, Integrated Studies), Kianna D’Oliveria (WBB, Criminal Justice), Deanna Harmon (WBB, Mathematics), Crystal Pitt (WBB, Social Work), Alexis Thorton (WBB, Movement Science), Morgan Woodruff (WBB, Mass Communication), Victoria Bush (WBO, Studio Art), Crystal Connelly (WBO, Nursing), Jenefer Creno (WBO, Mass Communication), Courtney Davis (WBO, Undecided), Ashlen Kuhar (WBO, Criminal Justice), Noe’l Walker (WBO, Political Science), Ashley Baldwin(CHR, Textiles/Apperis), Melodi Baldwin (CHR, Management), Raveen Boykins (CHR, Political Science), Breyana Brady (CHR, Management), Jasmine Jackson (CHR, Mass Communication), Megan Merine (CHR,Education), Alexis Saunders (CHR, Management), Shyneika Taylor (CHR, Criminal Justice), Ayanna Williams (CHR, Mass Communication), Khaleah Williams (CHR, Studio Art), Alyssa Berfield (WEQ, Finance & Banking), Jere Hutson (WEQ, Agriculture), Krystal Saint-James (WEQ, Movement Science), Mackenzie Trueba (WEQ, Studio Art), Lauren Voss (WEQ, Agriculture), Erin Chance (WLA, Mass Communication), Cris Glen (WLA, Computer Science), Sierra Harris (WLA, Physics), Kim Jivers (WLA, Psychology), Kaitlyn Corder (WSO, Biology), Taylor Melton (WSO, Nursing), Darcy Peiz-Butler (WSO, Physical Education), Kelly Piez-Butler (WSO, Wildlife Management), Jeanette Salgado (WSO, Movement Science), Kaitlyn Schech (WSO, Foods & Nutrition), Theresa Wappett (WSO, Movement Science), Candace Wyre (WSO, Elementary Education), Kelsey Doherty (WSB, Special Education), Samantha Gross (WSB, Math Education), Kelsey Lewis (WSB, Early Childhood Education), Stephanie Martello (WSB, Psychology), Rachel Meagley (WSB, Hospitality & Tourism), Leslie Pleasanton (WSB, Elementary Education), Stephanie Sarris (WSB, English), Chalsea Clark (WTK, Management), Ketsia Domevil (WTK, Marketing), Calisa Emerson (WTK, Business Administration) Tracey Fan Fan (WTK, Nursing), Marla Gwengi (WTK, Middle Grades Educations), Alisha Jones (WTK, Sports Administration), Tiffani Savage (WTK, Criminal Justice), Brianna Tilghman (WTK, Movement Science), Schanea Ward (WTK, Social Work), T’Nay Williams (WTK, Textiles/Apperels), Mariah Wilson (WTK, Biology), Kristina Aleksic (WTE, Economics),… MEN (37): Justin Allen (MBA, Nursing), Nic Arrue (MBA, Integrated Studies), Joseph Babuca (MBA, Integrated Studies), Peter Broehi (MBA, Movement Science), Bobby Brown (MBA, Nursing), Zach Babuca (MBA, Physical Education), Jordan Elliott (MBA, Sport Administration), Elliott Gardner (MBA, Movement Science), Ryan Haas (MBA, Physical Education), Derek Marshallsea (MBA, Sport Management), Matt McClain (MBA, Movement Science), Aaron Nardone (MBA, Sport Management), Eddie Sorondo (MBA,  Sport Management), Chad Sturgeon (MBA, Physical Education), Brandon Oliver (MBB, Management Information Systems), Ernest Adjei (MFB, Community Health), Joshua Bailey (MFB, Sport Management), Justin Brewton (MFB, Sport Administration), Brandon Cunningham (MFB, Criminal Justice), Michael Davis (MFB, Physics/ Pre-Engineering) Rodney Gunter (MFB, Management), Marco Kano (MFB, Physics/ Pre-Engineering), Marlon Kelly,Jr (MFB, Management Information Systems), Robert King (MFB, Criminal Justice), Ryan Langdon (MFB, Criminal Justice) Davon Moore (MFB, Physical Education), Aaron Richardson(MFB, Criminal Justice), Cory Scott (MFB, Physical Education), Lamar Shaw (MFB, Accounting), Matthew Spicer (MFB, Sport Administration), Jesse Allen (MTK, Political Science), Amir Armstrong (MTK, Management), Stephen Bowe (MTK, Accounting), Andre Henry (MTK, Accounting), Kavaughn Laviea (MTK, Business Administration), Kuentin Smart (MTK, Airway Science), Jason Smith (MTK, Movement Science)


Women (23): Patrice Collie (WBB, Criminal Justice), Ashley Watson (WBB, Criminal Justice), Ariel Allen (WTK, Education), Stephanie Colter (WTK, Psychology), Simone Durde (WTK, Nursing), Zenia George (WTK, Health Care), Chandellic Jackson (WTK,  Criminal Justice), Sasha-Anne Lebert (WTK, Criminal Justice), Ciera Williams (WTK, Pharmacy), Amber Brunson (WBO, Business), Janell Janell (WBO, Health Science), Carrie Hopkinson (WBO, Landscape & Design), Jennifer Lindey (WSB, Theater), Genise Lopez (WSB, Health Science), Ashanti Sheperd (WSB, Psychology), Taylor Thomas (WSB, Undecided), Bethany Holt (WTE, Accounting), Elysia Ortiz (WTE, Health Science), Shanel Williams (WTE, Biology), Pamela Barrera (WVB, Spanish), Joanic Pelaez (WVB, Business), Diana Gonzales (WVB, Business), Karol Marquez-Olivera (WVB, Public Relations),…Men(25): Fabiyi Michael (MBB, Business), Lewis Reginald (MBB, Social Work), Buchanan Lemere (MTK, Biology), Oliver McDaniel (MTK, Criminal Justice) Phipps Anthony (MGO, Business), Abney Justin (MBA, Political Science), Heath Blackburn (MBA, Health Science), Austin Cooksey (MBA, Criminal Justice), David Duncan (MBA, Physical Education), Jaylin Earl (MBA, Health Science), Brandon Fleming (MBA, Social Work), Christopher Priestly (MBA, Graphic Design), Bennie Robinson (MBA, Sociology), Temuera Asafu-Adjaye ( MTE, Health Science) Rodney Carey (MTE, Political Science), Chiki Gabriel (MTE, Political Science), Takura Happy (MTE, Business), Sheikh Kante (MTE, Journalism), Douglas Almondares (MFB, Criminal Justice), Adamasen Felix (MFB, Physical Education),  Fleming Damien (MFB, Criminal Justice), Harris Javen (MFB, Business), Liford Geno (MFB, Health Science), Norton Nolan (MFB, Accounting), Pillow Jonathan (MFB, Health Science)

HAMPTON University (61)

Women (44):Rebecca Glazier (WBO, Criminal Justice), Pamela Kettler (WBO, Psychology), Stancil Cierra (WBO, Biology), Kerissa Burruel (WSB, Psychology) Nina Ferguson (WSB, Public Relations), Shine Huwe (WSB, Psychology), Jailynn Jackson (WSB, Psychology), Adrianna Scott (WSB, Architecture), Carla Trimble (WSB, Psychology), Bianca Vallejo (WSB, Kinesiology), Margeret Wilkins (WSB, Sports Management), Baylor Mariah (WVB, Broadcast Journalism), Bibiany Fonseca (WVB, Management ), Ioana Kalfinova (WVB, Accounting), Marija Kocevska (WVB, Psychology), Krista Kraskura (WVB, Marine Science), Sonja Maksimovicw (WVB, Management), Petra Parros (WVB, 5 yr MBA), Andjela Petrovic (WVB, Accounting), Vendula Strakova (WVB, Finance), Brascia Audain (WBB, Management),  Keiara Avant (WBB, 5 yr MBA), Bene'e Glanton (WBB, Criminal Justice,) Shellis Hampton (WBB, Criminal Justice), Lauren Johnson (WBB, Marketing), Ryan Jordan (WBB, Psychology), Ariel Phelps (WBB, Psychology), Daneya Charles (WTE, 5 yr MBA), Tabita Daolio (WTE, Architecture), Fionna Davis (WTE, Biology), Renee Henry (WTE, Management), Crystal Smitherman (WGO, Biology), Maria Stewart (WGO, Electrical Engineering), Nicole West (WGO, 5 yr MBA) Kayla Williams (WGO, Marketing), Ashley Armand (WTK, Liberal Studies), Rachel Burrell (WTK, Kinesiology), Teiara Denmark (WTK, Mathematics), Shaquanda Gainey (WTK, Health & Physical Education), Shalanda Grier (WTK, Biology), Breana Norman (WTK, Psychology), Lequisha Parker (WTK, Psychology), Cydney Robinson (WTK, Psychology), Devyn Thompson (WTK, Psychology),… MEN (17): Kory Alpichi (MFB, Chemical Engineering), Robert Bebek (MFB, Management), Tikeem Platt (MFB, Sociology), John Rose (MFB, Political Science), Kadeem Russell          (MFB, Chemical Engineering), Michael Staton (MFB, Criminal Justice), Arthur Davis (MGO, Biology), Henry Drakeford (MTE, Management), Advait Kirtane (MTE, Psychology), Wan Young Park (MTE, Recreation & Tourism Management), Lakshmana Satchithananthan (MTE, 5 Year MBA), Keenan Allen (MTK, 5 Year MBA), Javan Gray (MTK, Management), Ramon Kelly (MTK, Pharmacy), Mohammed Labor-Koroma (MTK, Kinesiology), James McDonald (MTK, Sports Management), Stefano Nardini (MTK, 5 Year MBA)


Women (55): Julee O'Neal (WBB, Journalism) Adelle Walton (WBB, Human Development) Jerelle Gorham (WBB, Leisure Studies), Cheyenne Curley-Payne (WBB, Leisure Studies), Nicole  Detervillle (WBB, Chemistry), Cabria Johnson (WBB, Leisure Studies), Kara Smith (WBB, Finance), Portia Deteville (WBB, Biology), Jardane Frazier (WBO, Journalism), Chantal Mitchell (WBO, Physical Therapy), Jasmine Hardesty (WBO, Administrative Justice), Sydney Satchell (WLA, Leisure Studies), Alyssa Paddock (WLA, Psychology), Jillian Parker (WLA, Human Development), Elizabeth Hampton (WLA, Biology), Nealy Jasmine (WLA, Journalism), Courtland Lackey (WLA, Economics), Anasia Stinson (WSB, Undecided), Robinson Lorae (WSB, Health Science), Jenny Ly (WSB, Art), Selena Mason (WSO, Health Management), Cynthia Snyder (WSO, Mass Communications), Ayanna Carter (WSO, Undecided), Brittany Peebles (WSO, Human Performance), Treschelle Gibson-Serrett (WSO, Psychology), Natasha Moore (WSO, Mechanical Engineering), Sydney Ross (WSO, Comm Sciences), Kyra Dickinson (WSO, Human Performance),  Nia Walcott (WSO, Undecided), Jordan Carter (WO Psychology), Camille Dykes (WSW, Journalism), Ross Nandi (WSW, Human Performance),  Janai Ederaine (WSW, Sociology), Briana Dillon (WSW, Undecided), Kirah Shaw (WSW, Biology), Marissa Gentry (WSW, Leisure Studies), Brittany Morgan (WTE, Human Performance),  Brooke Hawthorne (WTE, Marketing), Talia Johnson (WTE, Biology), Jasmine Selby (WTK, Chemical Engineering), Danielle Douglas (WTK, Health Education), Candice German (WTK, Print Journalism), Abigail Reid (WTK, Psychology), Chelsea Lamar (WTK, Chemistry) Thomas Zahra (WTK, Marketing), Briana Jones (WTK, Legal Communication), Kayla Sawtell (WTK, History), Dontranika Hornton (WTK, Psychology), Doriean Broady (WTK, Physical Therapy), Kinyata Cooper (WTK, Chemistry), Jasmine Tipton (WVB, Health Education), Jasmin Holloway (WVB, Human Performance),  Destinee Harrison (WVB, Health Management), Stephanie Shultis (WVB, Nutrition), Jasmine King (WVB, Journalism),… Men (46): Christoph Ingram (MSO, Political Science), Elijah Johnson (MSO, Psychology), Brian Monge (MSO, History), David Wilson (MFB Undetermined), Richard Ayegoro (MFB, Human Performance), Jordan Monett (MFB, Electronic Engineering),  Anton Dickerson (MBB, Leisure Studies), Michael Houston (MSO, Accounting), Anye Angalla (MSO, Finance), Gregory McGee (MFB, Undetermined), Clayton Gidron (MFB, Health Science), Austin O'Brien (MSO, Undetermined), Mathew Vann (MFB, Leisure Studies), Parker Munoz (MFB, Information Systems & Analysis), Crawford Malcolm (MFB, Journalism), Emeka Brooks (MSW, Biology), Eric Hamilton (MSO, Economics), Patrick Rose (MSO, Computer Information System),Rahman Alarape (MSO, Biology), Theodore Boyomo (MBB, Chemical Engineer), Jason Wooding (MFB, Physical Therapy), Brian Danner (MTK, Undetermined), Nicholas Tirop (MCC, Biology), Myles Williams (MFB, Political Science), Damion Haynes (MTK, Health Management), Talmon Smith (MSO, Finance), Marcus Simpson (MFB, Leisure Studies), Jacob Bennett (MFB, Journalism), Miles Hector (MSW), Finance), Malcolm Carter (MFB, Finance), Wesley Stephens (MTE, Journalism),  Kimani Hamiton-Wray (MFB, Chemistry), Spencer Mitchell (MTE, Psychology), Justin Boyd (MFB, Psychology), Micheal Bellot (MSO, Human Development), Oluwaseyi Durosoga (MTK, Leisure Studies), Zadok Isaacs (MSW, Leisure Studies), Dominique Mathis (MTK, Accounting), Deen Wright (MFB, Finance), Jarrett James (MTK, Health Science), James Carey (MTK, Accounting), Kashmar Briscoe (MSO, Psychology), Anthony Whitlow (MFB, Journalism), Giovani Mowatt (MTK, Biology), Mohamed Bouzaghrane (MSW, Civil Engineering), Matthew Poulin (MFB, Administrative Justice)


Women (25):

Breonna Evans (WBB, Exercise Science), Sha'Kiyla Finney (WBB, Criminal Justice), Shanyce Stewart (WBB, Engineering Technology), Shawnee Sweeney (WBB, Human Ecology Dietetics), Mariana Alvarad (WBO, Aerospace Engineering), Megan Buj (WBO, Human Ecology Dietetics), Valentina Collazos (WBO, Business Administration), T'nia Falbo (WBO, Accounting), Victoria Jones (WBO, Environmental Science), Tatiana Munoz (WBO, Rehabilitation Psychology), Anggie Ramirez (WBO, Computer Science), Carmen Frazier (WSB, English), Carmen Gurrola (WSB, Criminal Justice), Cherokee Williams (WSB, Sociology), Kenesha Abrams (WTE, Exercise Science), Arshelle Jackson (WTE, Criminal Justice), Emilie Ducados (WTK, Accounting), Lenora Guion-Firmin (WTK, Exercise Science), Jazmine Holland (WTK, Criminal Justice), Annis Mars (WTK, Rehabilitation Services), Nancy Yao (WTK, Criminal Justice), Corey Haynes (WVB, English Education), Crystal Ibe (WVB, English), Jungquiao Li (WVB, Business Administration), Jessica Vicic (WVB, Special Education),… Men (26):  Dustin Aigner (MBA, Exercise Science), Jordan Bone (MBA, Accounting) Stephen Bull (MBA, Business Administration,  Nicholas Cooper (MBA, English), Thomas Gray (MBA, Exercise Science), Timothy Gray (MBA, Criminal Justice), Joshua James (MBA, Exercise Science), Brandon Schott (MBA, Business Administration), Justin Townsend (MBA, Biology), Tyler Witte (MBA, General Studies), Olatunji Kosile (MBB, Biology), Kevin Mays (MBB, General Studies), Ishaq Pitt (MBB, Accounting), Troy Snyder (MBB, Business Administration), Paul Cecil (MGO, Golf Management),Michael Ferguson (MGO, Golf Management), Kevin Odell (MGO, Golf Management), Gregory Raad (MGO, Golf Management), Michael Veverka (MGO, Golf Management), Wirlen Elame (MTE, Biology), George Chandler (MTK, Biology), Rico Duncan (MTK, Biology), Alonzo Jarmon (MTK, Exercise Science), Denvil Ruan (MTK, Business Administration), Dillon Simon (MTK, Business Administration), Andre Walsh (MTK, English)

Morgan State University (55):

Women (35):  Shayla Clark (CHR, Nursing), Whitey Cook (CHR, Biology), A'Chana Goldston (CHR, Social Work), Kurrae Hale (CHR, Public Relations), Kia Hall Business (CHR, Administration), Esohe Jesuorobo (CHR, Architecture), Amber Roberson (CHR, Mathematics), Kenya White (CHR, Biology), Briana Coardes (WBB, Psychology), Bianca Jarrett (WBB, Journalism), Chyress (WBB, Lockhart Chemistry), Amarah Williams (WBB, Business Administration), Danielle Hale (WBO, Social Work), Atoya Leatherbury (WBO, Journalism), Cedale Templeton (WBO, Sociology), Amber Baker (WTK, Nursing), Angela Bursey (WTK, Phys. Education), Mary Chepkoech (WTK, Nutrition), Sharita Moore (WTK, Psychology), Ekundayo Sogbesan (WTK, Sociology), Monae Waller (WTK, Physical Education), Britney Wattley (WTK Business Administration), Shareday Christina (WSB, Management), Danielle Lugo (WSB, Sociology), Taylor McDougall (WSB, Architecture), Arina Alilueva (WTE, Business Administration), Margarita Belyakova (WTE, Hospitality), Tiffany Hughes (WTE, Nursing), Ekaterina Iakovleva (WTE, Economics), Simone Durham (WVB, Sociology), Tamara Leslie (WVB, Chemistry), Nangesshie Plaud (WVB, Biology), Zuri Smith (WVB, Journalism), Nikita Wickham (WVB, Psychology), Janelle Wilson (WVB, Chemistry),…Men (20): Blake Bozeman (MBB, Marketing), Keith Davis (MTK, Physical Education), Brandon Hairston (MTK, Physical Education), Harold Lamour (MTK, Accounting), Christian Smooth (MTK, Screen Writing), Emmanuel Stewart (MTK, Electrical Engineering), Aaron Strums (MTK, Physical Education), Fonyl Agendia(MFB, Biology), Emeboghene Akonawe (MFB, Hospitality), Christopher Chukwuocha (MFB, Economics), Seth Higgins (MFB, Marketing), Ben Hill (MFB, Civil Engineering), Kristian Johnson (MFB, Sociology), Montgomery Lamar (MFB, Civil Engineering), Christopher Robinson (MFB, Physical Education), Clarence Swain (MFB, Mathematics), Dmitriy Borodkin (MTE, Political Science), William Jay Political (MTE, Science), Jannick Tash (MTE, Civil Engineering), Duwane Thomas (MTE, Civil Engineering)


Women (37):  Kia Batiste (WTE, Kinesotherapy), Rebecca Graff (WTE, Management), Ana Henriques (WTE, Mass Communications), Maryn  Kariuk (WTE, Mass Communications), Morgan Boyd (WSB, Kinesiotherapy), Chelsea Davis (WSB, Marketing), Gillian Giarrizzo (WSB, Kinesiotherapy),  Aline Moriarty (WSB, Biology), Elizabeth Riley (WSB, Business), Jamie Schulle (WSB, Health & Physical Education), Charlotte Arrmstead (WVB Kinesiotherapy), Beatriz Ferreira (WVB, Mass Communications), Jasmin Flowers (WVB, Chemistry), Maatra Henderson (WVB, Kinesiotherapy), Nicole Kessner (WVB, Biology), Thea Aspiras (WBO, Fine Arts), Delilah Bethel (WBO, Biology), Courtney Brown (WBO Education), Ashley Buck (WBO, Sociology), Jessica Overton (WBO, Education), Shelia-Marie Smith (WBO, Sociology), Courtney Williford (WBO, Education), Carlon Chambers (WBB, Political Science), Ashley Dillard (WBB, Mass Communications), Marian Jones-Brooks (WBB, Mass Communications), Quineshia Leonard (WBB, Kinesiotherapy), Kristian Parker (WBB, Mass Communications), Tirara Davis (WTK, History), Kassandra Irizarry (WTK, Biology), Alicea Teamer (WTK, Kinesiotherapy),  Taylor Brandon (CHR, Education), Desiree Lewis (CHR, Marketing), Bratasia Stephenson (CHR, Sociology), Kelsey Suen (CHR, Psychology), Dalina Walker (CHR, Nursing), Jenell Warren (CHR, Finance), Ashley Woodley (CHR, Food Science Nutrition),…Men(39):  Kenton Austin (MTE, Accounting), Shaheed Mourillon-Swift (MTE, Psychology), Chad Allen (MTK, Building Construction), Ian Copeland (MTK, Biology), Kameron George (MTK, Electronics Engineering), Amos Kipkosgei (MTK, Nursing), Michael Mingo-Dabney (MTK, Finance), Kenneth Smith (MTK, Mass Communications), Tevis Snellings (MTK, Management), Robert Thrasher (MTK, Psychology), Shaquan Bailey (MFB, Kinesiotherapy), Andre Bean (MFB, Physical Education), Ayodesi Coker (MFB, Psychology), Taylor Darby (MFB, Education), Joshua El (MFB, Kinesiotherapy), Alonzo Fowlkes (MFB, Engineering), Jamal Giddens (MFB, Health Fitness), Everett Goldberg (MBF, Health Fitness), Ramsey Henderson (MFB, Mass Communications), Eric Hitch (MFB, History), Demarta Johnson (MFB, Kinesiotherapy), Alexander Killam (MFB, Electronics Engineering), Dre'Quez Lambert (MFB, Kinesiotherapy), Keenan Lambert (MFB, Management), Randy Maynes (MFB, Sociology), Terrence Pugh (MFB, Computer Science), Calvin Roberts (MFB, Electronics Technology), Edwin Rogers (MFB, Mass Communications), Spurgeon D. Simmons (MFB, Business Management), Tevin White (MFB, Hospitality Management), Cameron Williams (MFB, Political Science), Julius Wormley (MFB, Sociology), Chase Kyriacou (MBA, Kinesiotherapy), Justin Lee (MBA, Computer Science), Ryan Montgomery (MBA, Medical Technology), Carson Moon (MBA, Accounting), Richard Salter (MBA, Psychology), Santo Serafine (MBA, Management), Ryan Shook (MBA, Kinesiotherapy)


Women (46): Melisa Abernathy (CHR, Speech), Victorea Austin (WTE, Sociology), Janessa Benn (WTK, Civil Engineering), Ariana Betts (WTK, Mechanical Engineering), Zebresha Blakeney (WSB, Marketing), Jytavia Broome (CHR, Management), Amber Brown (WBO, Chemical Engineering), April Burrage (WTE, Marketing) Ariel Bursey (WBB, Biology), Jayda  Bussey-Spratling (CHR, Laboratory Animal Science), Natalia Bygrave (WTK, Psychology), Janay Campbell (CHR, Psychology), Sydni Cobb (WTK, Mechanical Engineering), Kenya Colbert (WTE, Sports Science/Fitness Management), Kristian Dixon (CHR, Accounting), Ashira Dobison (WSB, Psychology), Sabrina Edmonds (WSB, Pre-Nursing), Erika Eisenman (WSW, Social Work), Kendra Esparza-Harris (WTE, Animal Science), Andrea Evans (WVB, Food & Nutritional Science), Chelsea Fox (WVB, Pre-Nursing), Arnecia Gallop (CHR, Pre-Nursing), Tas'Mirr Hall (CHR, Liberal Studies), Christian Hill (WSW, Visual Arts, Design), Tranea Jones (WSB, Social Work), Tracy King (WBB, Graphic Communications/Technology),  Destinee Locklear (WVB, Physics), Jessica Lyons (WBB, Biology), Qadera Malveaux (CHR, Computer Engineering), Erin Martin (CHR, Elementary Education), Chole McSwain (WTE, Romance Language/Literature), Aarin Miles (WSW, Psychology), LaBraya Militon (WSW, Biology), Adriana Nazario (WBB, Psychology), Jasmine Parker (WBB, Psychology), Cherise Poole (WBO, Computer Science), Devonte' Reese (WVB, Political Science), Quanetra Respass (CHR, Industrial & Systems Engineering), Kristin Rush (WTK, Journalism & Mass Communications), Sarah Simmons (WSW, Accounting), Dominique Smith (WSB, Family & Consumer Sciences), Gloria Smith (CHR, Sports Science & Fitness Mgmt), Raven Smith (WSB, Pre-Nursing), Martinee Stewart (CHR, Elementary Education), Juanita Weaver (WTK, Industrial & Systems Engineering), Randi Wilson (CHR, Architectural Engineering),... Men (21):  Dominique Behonh-Tolly (MBB, Mathematics), William Cater(MBA, History), Andrew Cook (MBA, Liberal Studies), Travis Crosby (MFB, Criminal Justice), Ashanti Foster-Felder (MTK, Computer Science), James Harris (MBA, Graphic Communications/Technology Studies), Christian Harrison (MTK, Management), Reginald Hayes (MTK, Industrial & Systems Engineering), Dylan Hipp (MBA, MFG Systems (Motorsports), Saeed Jones (MTK, Civil Engineering), Stefan Jordan (MBA, Journalism & Mass Communications), Jeffrey Lewis (MTK, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Dairio Little (MBA, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Darrin Meaders (MBA, Mechanical Engineering), Devin Moore (MBA, Criminal Justice), Mark Nales (MBA, Criminal Justice), Christopher Neal (MFB, Sport Science & Fitness Management), Olumese Omozokpia (MTK, Accounting), William Robinson (MFB, Journalism & Mass Communications), Quentin Todd (MFB, Journalism & Mass Communications), Reginald Washington (MBA, Industrial & Systems Engineering)


Women (30): Martha Batie (WSB, Business), London Booker (WSB, Physical Education),            

London Germ (WSB, Physical Education), Camille Hampton (WSB, Family Consumer Science), Regina Diaz (WSB, Criminal Justice), Bianka Molina (WSB, Physical Education),   Emerie Germ (WSB, Biology), Tiphani Jackson (WSB, Business), Christin Anthony (WVB, Accounting), Dayana Arrufat (WVB, Chemistry), Alice Genna (WVB, Psychology), Jasmine Jackson (WVB, Business Administration), Denni Johnson (WVB, Psychology), Ashley McCarthy (WVB, Physical Education), Melissa Rabell (WVB, Accounting), Jane Raynor (WVB, Physical Education), Kalin Russell (WVB, Recreation Administration), Adrian Roberson (WTK, Social Work), Taisha Parkins (WTK, Psychology), Santese Pryor (WTK, Athletic Training), Sararesa Hudson (WTK, English), Jasmine Wannamaker (WTK, English),                                      LaCreesha Gore (WTK, Business Administration), Rae'Shelle Drayton (WBO, Mass Communications), Khrystal Richardson (WBO, Education), Julia Aguillar (WTE, Biology),                                                         Aissa Muamba (WTE, Business Administration), Ekaterina Nekrasova (WTE, Biology),                                                                     Olesya Palko (WTE, Biology), Mia Ramic (WTE, Political Science),…Men (42): Gavin Guerrera (MBA, Sociology), Glenn Frye (MBA, Business), Luis Diaz (MBA, Sociology), Terry McNabb (MBA, Physical Education), Carter Williamson (MBA, Business), Zachery Lee (MBA, Business), Ryan Collins (MBA, Business), Rueben Rios (MBA, Sociology), Ronald Thompson (MBA, Psychology), Troy Marrow (MBA, Criminal Justice), Tyson Simpson (MBA, Public Administration), Jacobi Harris (MBA, Business), Jacob Russell (MBA, Business), Corey Williamson (MBA, Business), Jasper Jones (MBA, Business), Michael Romano (MBA, Sociology), Sam Fulmer (MBA, Health), Demontray Ryland (MFB, Recreation), Allonte Tuppins (MFB, Psychology), Mathew Goggans (MFB, Mass Communications), Lamar Scruggs (MFB, Hospitality), Michael Wells (MFB, Psychology), Tazmon Foster (MFB, Psychology), Malik Cromartie (MFB, Recreation), Tommy Wallace (MFB, Psychology), Oleg Parent (MFB, Business), Lawerence Reid (MFB, Recreation), Mitchell Wells (MFB, Psychology), Stephen Donatien (MTE, Psychology), Jose Fabara (MTE, Business), Fabric George (MTE, Business), Danil Gerasimov (MTE, Psychology), Hoyte Jamal (MTE, Biology), Tamina Kienka (MTE, Business), Walter Batts (MGO, Political Science), Andre Jones (MGO, Business), Spencer Jones (MGO, English), Glendon Mabe (MGO, Criminal Justice), Ryne Toole (MGO, Recreation), Brandon Addison (MTK, Business Administration), Anyayorah Ebuka (MBB, Psychology), Kidd Stanton (MBB, Sports Management)


Women (30): Asia Stinson (WTK, Biology), Chantia Taylor (WTK, Biology),  Aleah Hordges (WTK, Mass Communications), Rajeanna Jarret (WTK, Biology), Jaymi White (WTK, Biology), Bryana Gadis (WTK, Behavior Analysis), Ashlee Butler (WVB, Behavior Analysis), Chikia Jones (WVB, Social Work), Asiha Williams (WVB, Behavior Analysis), Smiljana Cuk (WBB, Computer Science Technology), Charmaine Green (WBB, Biology), Zadous Pollard (WBB, Political Science), Alexandria Taylor (WBB, Political Science), Chloe Brett (WSB, Biology), Imani Gayle (WSB, Biology), Cassie Standard (WSB, Behavior Analysis), Katherine Stewart (WSB, Civil Engineering Technology), Megan Uhrman (WSB, Behavior Analysis), Andrea Pavlovic (WTE, Accounting), Nicole Ashiedu (WTE, Biology), Esmira Gheisary (WTE, Management), Sandra Kristjansdoti (WTE, Biology), Bianca Anderson (WGO, Behavior Analysis), Jocelyn Williams (WGO, Mass Communications), Kala Baker (CHR, Social Work), Katerina Marroquin (CHR, Criminal Justice), Kaila White (CHR, Political Science), Monica Gifford (WGO, Biology), Jasmin Gresham (CHR, Mass Communications), Shagin Jones (CHR, Behavior Analysis),… Men (29): John Arnold (MBA, Political Science), Darien Campbell (MBA, Chemistry), Rexford Davis (MBA, Computer Science Technology), Tommy Freeman (MBA, Criminal Justice), Ethan Glass (MBA, Management), Todd Hagen (MBA, Environmental Science), Kevin Herlihy (MBA, Criminal Justice), Jackson May (MBA, Political Science), Joseph McCrary (MBA, Accounting), Michael McHugh (MBA, Electrical Engineering Technology), Giancarlo Mirabal (MBA, Electrical Engineering Technology), Jeffrey Nix (MBA, History), Theodore Page (MBA, History), Drew Quinney (MBA, English), David Richards (MBA, Civil Engineering), Eric Ricks (MBA, Civil Engineering), Uriah Virgo (MBA, Civil Engineering), Lamaar Shakir (MTK, Computer Information Systems), Sheldon Barnes (MFB, HSEM), James Briscoe (MFB, Marine Science), Cedric Brown (MFB, Electrical Engineering Technology), Jake Durham (MFB, Criminal Justice), Fred Fluker (MFB, Civil Engineering), Broderick Sellers (MFB, Computer Information Systems), Craig Jarell (MGO, Marketing), Mitchell Johnson (MGO, Computer Science Technology), William Proulx (MGO, Management), Angelo Davis (MBB, Management), Kei'erre Richards (MBB, Biology)


Women (45): Veronica Aguilar (WSO, Nursing), Taylor Bailey (WVB, English), Shannon Baitley (WSB, Psychology), Katarina Barborikova (WTE, Physical Education Laura Bosneag (WTE, Accounting), Dominique Brown (WSO, Political Science), Alejandra Chirino (WSO, Chemistry), Cherie Chua (WGO, Chemistry), Cheryl Chua (WGO, Chemistry), Ashley Clarke (WBB, Family Consumer Science), Dorian Corbett (WVB, Accounting),

Kaitlynn Cortez (WSO, Mechanical Engineering Technology), Maria Cracuin (WTE, Management), Rebecca Dale (WSO, Psychology), Trinese Tox (WBB, Physical Education), Vianny Gomez (WSB, Criminal Justice), Kelsey Grochow (WSB, Biology), Sara Harris (WSO, Nursing), Mariah Hebbe (WSO, Childhood Education), Yazmin Hicks (WTK, Early Childhood Education), Laigha Hite (WSB, Civil Engineering Technology), Deja Jackson (WTK, Civil Engineering Technology), Mykala Jones (WBB, Criminal Justice), Tiana Jones (WGO, Management), Victoria Khatcei (WTE, Physical Education), Leslie Martin (WSO, Management), Sheril McFarland (WTK, History), Sierra Murph (WSB, Nutritition), Danielle Murphey (WSO, Political Science), Kateryna Nakonechna (WTE, Food Management), Tori Papp (WSO, Psychology), Rachel Pearce (WSO, Political Science), Kaitlynn Penner (WSO, Special Education), Kandyce Ranew (WSB, Biology), Cassandra Rodriguez (WSO, Biology), Morgan Roesler (WSO, Accounting), Stephanie Searle (WSO, Biology), Nyesha Simmons (WSO, Psychology), Darci Smith (WSO, Marketing), Tamara Smith (WTK, Criminal Justice), Marina Terry (WGO, Nuclear Engineering), Desire Waller (WVB, Pathology/Audiology), Saria Waters (WTK, Drama), Elizabeth Paige Webb (WVB, Physical Education), Shaquaisha Woods (WSB, Civil Engineering Technology),…Men (29):  Adams Adam (MBB Family Consumer Science Business), Bennett Omari (MBB, Management), Bethea Barry (MTK, Marketing), Bizon Tomas (MTE, Family Consumer Science Business), Black Randall (MBB, Family Consumer Science Business), Campbell Chasen (MBB, Family Consumer Science Business), Cooper Mariel (MFB, Civil Engineering Technology), Dragoi Marius (MTE, Family Consumer Science Business), Ellington Jelani (MFB, Physical Education), Freeman Jordan (MFB, Art Education), Grant Avery (MFB, Psychology), Hemingway Temarrick (MFB, Management), Hezekiah Matthew (MBB, Family Consumer Science Business), Jefferson Graylyn (MTK, Nursing), Jereminov Marko (MTE, Engineering), Johnson Erskine(MFB, Drama), Johnson Lorenzo (MTK, Political Science), Kurgatt Charles (MTK, Physics), McFadden Kimario (MFB, Family Consumer Science Business), Molette Xavier (MTK, Accounting), Nikitin Artemiy (MTE, Business Economics), Pickett Stokes Quincy (MFB, Civil Engineering Technology), Protsenko Anton (MTE, Physical Education), Radovic Luka (MBB, Management), Roper William (MFB, Industrial Technology), Vinogradovs Peteris (MTE, Management), Wilson Johnny (MFB, Agribusiness), Worthy Aaron (MTK, Management), Youmans Dominique (MBB, Family Consumer Science Business)


MCC – Men’s Cross Country

WCC – Women’s Cross Country

MBB – Men’s Basketball

WBB – Women’s Basketball

WGO – Women’s Golf

MGO – Men’s Golf

WSO – Women’s Swimming

WVB – Women’s Volleyball

MFB – Football

CHR – Cheerleader

WSB – Women’s Softball

MBA – Men’s Baseball

WBW – Women’s Bowling

WTK – Women’s Tennis

MTK – Men’s Tennis

MTR – Men’s Track and Field

WTR – Women’s Track and Field

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