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A student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on their experience. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives on NCAA member institution campuses.

NCAA legislation mandates that all member institutions have SAACs on their respective campuses. Further, NCAA legislation requires that all member conferences have SAACs.


Mission Statement

The purpose of the MEAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (MEAC/SAAC) is to foster a unified forum, which provides equal and representative dialogue from MEAC student-athletes relating to NCAA and Conference legislation as well as other issues that affect their welfare. Further, this committee would strive to maintain a positive environment that cultivates a healthy relationship between the athletic administrators and the student-athletes.  The Committee is dedicated to maintaining a positive commitment to support and value diversity and equity among student-athletes.



The MEAC Student-Athletes Advisory Committee (MEAC/SAAC) shall consist of 26 members (two from each member institution) and two (2) ex-officio members (the MEAC NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Representative and a Conference Representative). The committee will have liaison, each from the Director of Athletics and Senior Woman Administrators Committees and a direct line of communication to the Faculty Athletics Representatives as appropriate.


Membership Requirement

MEAC institutions may nominate any student-athletes who practices or competes (except non/partial qualifiers, who will not be eligible to serve on the MEAC/SAAC during the first year of residence at the member instruction) in a varsity, NCAA sponsored sport to serve as the institution’s SAAC representative to the conference.


♦  Review and/or make recommendations on potential or proposed legislation to be discussed at the NCAA Annual Convention. Review MEAC regulations (current and proposed) related to student-athlete welfare;

♦  Review academic and sports issues (e.g., championships, missed class time, awards, community outreach, marketing and promotion of sports);

♦  Discuss student-athlete topics with institutional committees, athletics administration and non-athletic advisors.


MEAC SAAC Officers


♦  Face of SAAC

♦  Will call meetings to order and adjourn

♦  Will keep order in meetings

♦  Will chair meetings

♦  Proactively assist the group with accomplishing the year’s agenda

♦  Address student-athletes, coaches and administrators when needed


Vice President

♦  Aid to the President

♦  Assume presidential duties in absence of the President

♦  Assist the President in accomplishing the year’s agenda



♦  Collect contact information and distribute to all SAAC representatives and advisors

♦  Take minutes and notes at each meeting

♦  Provide those minutes and notes to the MEAC SAAC Advisor

♦  Assist the President and Vice President in carrying out their duties


Requirement for Officers

In order to serve as an officer of the MEAC SAAC, the student-athlete must:

♦  Be at least a sophomore in good academic standing according to institutional requirements;

♦  Be academically and athletically eligible during the academic year in which he or she is nominated;

♦  Be able to serve in the position for a complete term (fall and spring) in the office elected;



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